Our Services

Web Development

We offer a full range of web-based services, from small to large , we get you covered. Our company is made up of seasoned team of professionals and at  every stage of development, we make use of modern ICT tools to deliver best possible services. We get you covered with our modern technologies

Web Development Training

 We also run comprehensive training on web development. Because we believe in the power of hands-on, we specifically  groom our trainees on how to practically handle from simple to complex projects. Our training fees are highly competitive and of course the value for your money is taking into consideration.

Assistive Technology

We deal in modern assistive technologies that enhance the learning and also improve the lifestyle of people living with disabilities . Our services are geared towards the use of computer softwares, hardwares and equipments that improve the productivity of  people with low vision and people with blindness.

PC Sales & Support

Get a state-of-the-art technical support from a team of qualified and seasoned professionals. Our technical support ranges from PC security, Pc Tune Up, Hardware Replacements, Server Installation, Operating System and Application software installations and periodic maintenance.



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