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Choosing A Domain Name For Your Website

Domain Names

What comes to your mind first if you are thinking of getting a website is the name that your website will be identified with. And that’s why a domain name comes in. By and large, with over 1.1 billion websites, there are over 200 million active websites with their corresponding domain names on the world wide web. This implies that a website cannot exist without a domain name. In this article, we will explain what a domain name is and which domain extension is right for your business or organization.

What is a domain name

What Is A Domain Name?
Domain name is simply the name of your website. Its the unique name you put together and assigned to a resource in order to identify your website on the internet, Examples of domain names are,, etc.


What Is A Web Address?

A web address is the meaningful combination of the default protocols plus your domain name. For example,, or or

For instance, is a website address.

  1. https:// is the standard protocol through which your browser communicates with the server.
  2. www. is mostly the means of identifying with your website.
  3. facebook is the domain name.
  4. .com is the domain extension
What Are Domain Extensions?
Domain extensions are usually the 3 letters after the domain name, for example  .com is the domain extension in and .gov is the domain extension in and many more. Although domain extensions can be more than 3 characters/letters and can be less than 3 letters.  for example, .online, .site. and .ng. etc. There are many types of domain extension out there and the type of extension you choose is basically determined by the purpose of your website.

Best Domain Names


Below are examples of domain extensions.

  1. .com: used for commercial purposes
  2. .net: for internet /network purposes
  3. .org: for organizations
  4. .gov: for government websites.
  5. .edu: for education.
Country Code or Country Specific Domain Extension

Country-code or country-specific domain is a two-letter domain extension that represents a specific country, a territory or geographic location. When country code domains extensions were first created in 1985, they were intended for registration and use by that country’s residents, but some countries now let outside parties register domain names using their country code.

Here are some examples of country code domain extensions and their corresponding geographical locations

  1.     .us : Unites States
  2.     .fr: France
  3.     .ca: Canada
  4.     .eu: European Union
  5.     .za: South Africa
  6.     .ru: Russia
  7.     .au: Australia
  8.     .uk: United Kingdom, etc.
Tips for Choosing The Right Domain For Your Website
See some of the following tips
  1.   Make your domain name the title of your business
  2.   It has to be simple and short
  3.   It has to be easy to remember
  4.   Avoid using numbers and symbols
  5.   Pick a domain extension that aligns with your business
  6.   Ensure your domain is different from other brands to avoid confusion

In conclusion, there are many other domain extension that you can choose from but it should be a standard practice that the domain name and extension you are choosing align with the nature of your business or what you intend to use your website for. If you are thinking of getting your own website, be it for your business, organization, entertainment, ecommerce etc. Kindly contact us and lets us handle it professionally for you while you focus on other things.

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