Shefry Technologies

Who We Are

Shefry Technologies is an IT company based in Nigeria. We render a range of ICT services and with over 10 years of professional IT experience. Shefry Technologies is made up of qualified and seasoned professionals that are proactive and result oriented. We make us of State-of-the-Art
technologies to deliver outstanding and value-added services to our esteemed clients.

At Shefry Technologies, work closely with our clients
in order to create a good customer experience without compromising value for their money.Learn more.

What We Do

Web Development

We offer a full range of we-based services, from small to large , we get you covered. Our company is made up of seasoned team of professionals . At every stage of development, we make we make us of modern ICT tools to deliver best possible services. Read more.

Smart Automation

We are well equipped with cutting-edge technologies that will automate your home or office space. We have technologies that will  monitor your home or office with smart security alerts, also your home or office lighting can be controlled remotely with the push of a button on either your android or your ios devices.  Read more.

Assistive Technology

We deal in modern assistive technologies that enhance the learning and also improve the productivity of people living with disabilities . Our services are geared towards the use of computer softwares, hardwares and equipments that improve the  working capacity of people with low vision and people with blindness. Our modern technologies ensure that no one is left behind. Read more.


Our services are highly competitive, pocket-friendly and we focus more on hands-on approach. We run comprehensive web development training and groom our trainees on how to handle from simple to complex projects Read more.

Pushing Beyond Technological Boundaries